SimpleGolfScore Free v1.0.4 for WebOS

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Just submitted the latest update to my golf app.  Version 1.0.4. Updated layout for main scorecard screen to list totals for Mulligans, GIRs, Fairways and Putts. Choosing a hole via the middle popup now lists current selected players scores along side the hole number/label. Choosing a player via the player popup now lists players and […]

SimpleGolfScore Free Edition for webOS!

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Version 1.0.0 is now available in the app catalog for webos devices!  Go check it out!  It’s Free! This morning I also just submitted a bug fix for the card management screen with version 1.0.1.  Hopefully you’ll see that out there before the weekend!  And I’m also working on some more bug fixes and […]

SimpleGolfScore for webOS Published!

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It’s published… supposedly.  Just have to wait for it to propagate out to the actual catalog and be accessible.  Will hopefully post soon that it is available!  And I’ve already got a couple bug fixes to submit for it as well! Here are some of the key features: No managing yet another user/contact list… just […]

Score card management for my pre golf app

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I’ve finally got almost all the basic score card functionality finished.  You can now manage all the cards in the database.  Delete them… Load an old one to edit and view… create/start a new card. Along with that I also added a drop down panel when you tap the Score Card header to allow you […]

Working user management on my golf app

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Spent some more time this evening working on the golf app.  I was able to fix my user management per scorecard.  You now add a generic player 1, 2, 3 and so on… and then can link the players to users in your contacts.  This allows you to track scores with and not have to […]