FWDREV Animation Header Image

Story boarding was a long process! Not quite as long as developeing the basic story to begin with but still longer than we thought. Trying to keep our normal schedule of meeting once a week we started drawing out the scenes with pencil and paper. Below you can use the story board explorer to look through the story boards. Its a lot of images so it could take some time to go through them all.

Along with the story boarding we also started developing the characters and how they would look. Most of the characters are pretty easy as they are just tools. But the main character ED as well as the screw drivers and the screws were a little harder. We wanted to exagerate them just a bit to give them a bit more personality. With ED we wanted to give him a bit more of a base to stand on so we fattened up his handle grip area. And the screws are not the typical wood screws one might use. We kept coming back to a shorter fatter looking screw for those characters.