FWDREV Story Header Image

We spent a full year meeting an average of one night a week throwing ideas around. There were ideas of cows and paintings, baseball players and teddy bears, ballerenas and tools. We finally settled on one! The tools…

We wanted to try and keep things as simple as possible for our first animated short project. So far, FWD-REV consists of 44 different shots. Although the intentions to keep it simple have been present througout, FWD-REV seems to grow in complexity every time we meet. Its been over a year and we are still tweaking, adding, removing, reworking our ideas to add more depth to the shots and story.

But enough about that. We don’t really want to give away the full story yet till we are further along in production but we have come up with a short description of the overall story and it can be read below.

FWD-REV, the comic story of a Jeckle-and-Hyde power tool who works with (and against) a band of screwdrivers.

We are targeting the Spring of 2004 to be finishing FWD-REV with plans to enter it into various film/animation festivals around the globe and online. Of course you will also be able to see FWD-REV here online.