FWDREV The Beginning Header Image

FWD-REV is a project that was originally started in the middle of 2001 in a parking lot. Bruce Walters and myself (Paul Lunneberg) were talking outside my place of work one day. We were talking about the various projects we were working on. I mentioned that I was thinking about the possibilities of doing a small animated short but wanted several people involved. Bruce’s advice was “Just do it”.

So… I took his advice and got ahold of several others whom had expressed interest in such a project and set up our first meeting. Three others and myself started this project aside from our daily work and commitments. We started meeting almost every week, just talking and playing out different ideas for the animation.

Through these meetings another idea sprang up! An idea to try and use only free software. Can a production quality short be created with free software? Namely… Blender and Wings3D. And since it would cost a lot to set each member of our group up with a full license of some professional app, we… maybe it was I, started moving forward using Blender and any other applications that seem to fit the tasks at hand.