Update on my webOS/pre app and some Long/Lat to X/Y code

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Here are some screenshots of my webOS golf application I’m developing for the Palm pre.  It draws all the information dynamically from gps recorded information and allows one to zoom in and out and drag the course around. Eventually, it will do all the scoring an location tracking with distance calculations.  Unfortunately I don’t yet […]

Converting Lat/Long to/from stuff

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I’ve had a “fun” couple days trying to figure out how to convert Lat/Long both to and from pixel x/y values. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would. I will post some code in another post, when I’ve had a chance to clean it up and make sure it works properly. […]

More HTML5 Canvas Tests

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Ok.. so I got around to figuring out states and the context.save() and context.restore() stuff. So test number 1 (click here for test 1) is a very simple test to try and understand these functions. And test number 2 (click here for test 2) is built on top of yesterdays posted example. Very cool stuff.  […]

HTML5 Canvas Practice

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So I’ve been messing with the HTML5 Canvas capabilities in some of the newer browsers. Pretty cool stuff. As the first webOS app I’m going to try and build is a golf app I figured I’d better get some practice drawing stuff. Check it out here.