Amazon Echo – First Week


Well, It’s been almost a full week with Amazon Echo in my house. And I am hooked.51XeN2UYoyL._SL1000_

At first I only sometimes asked “Alexa” for the forcast for the day or the weekend. Or rarely made it through one of the news Flash Briefing’s without telling Alexa to “stop”.  I do play some music with it as it is much simpler to ask “Alexa” to play “house music” and “set volume to 6” than to find my phone and punch buttons. Though this brings up a short coming and hopefully an opportunity for integration. I have Sonos speakers throughout my house and the sound from even a single Sonos One outperforms Echo’s limited speakers. The Echo’s sound quality isn’t bad. It’s voice is clear and plenty loud but shows what it is lacking when playing music. I would love to see Sonos build an integration so I can ask Alexa to “Play James Blake radio on Sonos” or even be able to access and label groups of Sonos speakers just as you can now group and manage Phillips Hue and Wemo devices. Which brings me to the next point.

There was a new software update (2392) that came out the same day I received the Amazon Echo. This update enabled the first of hopefully many Connected Home features. This update dramatically added to the Echo’s utility in my day to day life. Along with Sonos speakers throughout my house, I have a smattering of Phillips Hue lights and Belkin Wemo switches. I’ve struggled through many configurations with motion sensors, home automation hubs and custom programming and apps on my mobile devices trying to find the perfect balance. Little did I expect the Echo to completely win me over and solve this problem with such a simple implementation and solution.

I have done away with all my motion sensors or home automation hubs, as asking Alexa to “turn on the lights” is as simple as uttering that phrase. I have groups of lights defined and labeled like, kitchen, hallway, basement or even overall groups like lights to let me control them all just as easily. When I get home I no longer need to flip switches or press buttons. I just ask Alexa to turn on the lights.

I hope to see more integration with Amazon’s Echo. Like Nest and Nest Protect, Lockitron locks and other digital locking systems, and Sonos. If they can integrate with more devices and make controlling them natural and simple, I believe the Echo has a great future or is at least the start of bringing the future into every home!