Breaking Away From The Computer

Locked to ComputerOne of the biggest portions of what I want to implement is the ability to be anywhere in my house or even away from my house and still be able to interact with my Brain.

For remote access to the computer/server I am planning on developing a small mobile app for android/ios/other platforms.  I’ll go into more details on that when I get to that point. As for around the house, I have explored a bunch of options and may return to some of them later depending on the success of what I have chosen to start with.  Below are a few of the items I was looking at.

FM Transmitter Kit

The ones I’ve found are pretty small and could be easily made into a small Star Trek communicator-esque type of device to communicate within a limited distance to the main computer/server.
Unfortunately this means the communication to the computer is unsecured and open for anyone to listen to.  Which… in its own way has some possibilities too. 

Wireless Mic Systems

One possibility is to buy some semi-pro mic system and setup mics in various areas throughout the house. This would take a bit more time and tuning but would be completely hands free. There are a lot of solutions all with different price ranges. ( None of these really were what I was looking for at the moment.  It would take too long to setup and could end up being a lot more expensive in the long run to maintain.

WiFi Webcams

Using wifi webcams I could easily setup individual ones in different rooms and transmit the audio, video, motion data back to the server.  Still could get expensive if I wanted to do this for every room in my house.  Here is one of the cameras I was looking at originally (  It still has some potential as I could then venture into facial recognition and related ideas.

Bluetooth Headset

A bluetooth headset would be perfect except that it doesn’t support the range that I would need to be anywhere in and around my house. Most adapters only support up to 30-50 ft of range.

The Solution

After a night or two of dreaming up wiring mics throughout the house and having nightmares about the time, effort and cost associated with that I did a bit more searching and found what I believe will be a good cost effective start.

The AIRcable Host XR3 ( To the operating system its just another bluetooth adapter.  With the exception that with the base antenna it has a range of up to 1 kilometer. This may be exactly what I need.  I ordered one and it should arrive this week yet.  I’m hoping to do some range tests with it around the house and possibly… the neighborhood.

With the potential solution on order, I then decided I should get a separate bluetooth headset that I can leave at the house charging when I’m not around.  And one with as long a talk time as I can find.  There are hundreds if not thousands of headsets that all claim the longest talk time and best comfort and any other description of quality you can think of.  The headset I finally chose based on some friends reviews and available online prices was the Plantronics M50. Amazon specs rated it at around 11 hours of talk time which should get me through most of a day going between standby and active states.

So… soon I should have my first tests completed using the AIRcable Host XR3 and my new M50 headset.