Score card management for my pre golf app

I’ve finally got almost all the basic score card functionality finished.  You can now manage all the cards in the database.  Delete them… Load an old one to edit and view… create/start a new card.

Along with that I also added a drop down panel when you tap the Score Card header to allow you to edit score card / round settings.  Such as the date of the round and a title / description so the various cards are more descriptive when listed.

The score card manager screen lists each score card by date, displaying the name or date of the match as the title.  It always will display the match date time as well as icons for each of the players that are in the card.  Hopefully this will make it easy to navigate a lot of score cards.  Eventually i’ll also make a drop down selector to only show cards for certain courses and so forth.  That will have to come after I get course data editing/displaying working.

foreplay_2009-24-08_204843.jpg foreplay_2009-24-08_204900.jpg foreplay_2009-24-08_204940.jpg foreplay_2009-24-08_204933.jpg