Working user management on my golf app

Spent some more time this evening working on the golf app.  I was able to fix my user management per scorecard.  You now add a generic player 1, 2, 3 and so on… and then can link the players to users in your contacts.  This allows you to track scores with and not have to everyone as a contact.  You can also still rearrange the users and also delete them (with confirmation) as well.

I will eventually add a rename option to rename non-contact users, as well as maybe add the option to start the process to add them as a contact. Also added to the menu is a debug menu item to erase the contents of the database to start from scratch for testing.  This may be available in the final product in a settings screen.

Here is some more eye candy as well.

foreplay_2009-17-08_175551.jpg foreplay_2009-17-08_175557.jpg foreplay_2009-17-08_175603.jpg foreplay_2009-17-08_175614.jpg foreplay_2009-17-08_175648.jpg foreplay_2009-17-08_175718.jpg foreplay_2009-17-08_175807.jpg