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SimpleGolfScore Free v1.0.4 for WebOS

Just submitted the latest update to my golf app.  Version 1.0.4. Updated layout for main scorecard screen to list totals for Mulligans, GIR [...]

SimpleGolfScore Free Edition for webOS!

Version 1.0.0 is now available in the app catalog for webos devices!  Go check it out!  It’s Free! [...]

SimpleGolfScore Free for webOS is in the App RSS!

Just checked on the app feed browser and its showing up there! [...]

SimpleGolfScore for webOS Published!

It’s published… supposedly.  Just have to wait for it to propagate out to the actual catalog and be accessible.  Will hopefull [...]

Submitted my SimpleGolfScore Free App

I just submitted my SimpleGolfScore Free app to the Palm webOS app catalog. I’ll update this post as soon as I have a web install link [...]

Working user management on my golf app

Spent some more time this evening working on the golf app.  I was able to fix my user management per scorecard.  You now add a generic pla [...]

Finally… Widgets within lists.

I had some sort of mental block that was keeping me from getting this working.  But it is.  Now I can add golf players from the contacts l [...]

More work on the webOS golf app

I’ve been learning a lot about webOS programming and finally got it storing data and also did a test grabbing some gps points while ou [...]

Palm Pre, WebOS, HTML5, Canvas Golf App Update

I’ve got some more work done on my golf application for webOS and the pre. Here is a mockup of what the current state looks like on th [...]

Update on my webOS/pre app and some Long/Lat to X/Y code

Here are some screenshots of my webOS golf application I’m developing for the Palm pre.  It draws all the information dynamically fro [...]
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