So much cool stuff from Microsoft today!

I’ve been watching the Microsoft Build Developers conference news fly in all day! Lots of great new stuff… I’ll just let s [...]

Amazon Echo – First Week

I have done away with all my motion sensors or home automation hubs, as asking Alexa to "turn on the lights" is as simple as uttering that p [...]

Alien 560 Quad Copter Build

After purchasing my first quadcopter, I quickly realized I wanted to do more. Aerial filming and photography definitely are on the top of my [...]

First QuadCopter Crash in 720P 240FPS

There is some jello effect, as the camera was hard mounted to the copter. But had to share the first filmed crash. [...]

Adventure into RC QuadCopters/Drones

Recently, I caught the bug to try out RC quadcopters. Otherwise known as drones or UAVs. And I have to admit, I’m addicted. So many op [...]

Resizing Images In A Word Macro

​​​Creating word documents from a content management system can introduce certain issues. One of which is that images output from the [...]

Creating my first WordPress widget

Creating my first WordPress widget was a fun learning experiment. I wanted to build a simple widget that would embed a twitter feed as a new [...]

Nexus Q New Life as a Chromecast/Cheapcast [Updated 2013-08-15]

So… like many others I picked up a couple Nexus Q’s off eBay and used them with Google Play Music. That is until Google launched [...]

Google Chromecast + Logitech Squeezebox [updated 2013-08-12]

I use Logitech Squeezeboxes to play synchronized audio throughout my house. They work great with the library of music I have managed in iTun [...]

Dynamically Modulating Spoken Language

Working with the text to speech engine is a lot of fun and has lots of potential for being used in all sorts of ways.  It has one problem t [...]
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